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Cedar Village pool doubles as treadmill

Cedar Village is one of just a handful of places in Ohio to have special swimming pool treadmills that aid in rehabilitation. The two treadmills are part of the facility's $2.4 million aquatic therapy center which opened in October, 2014.

Underwater cameras monitor the progress of people like Jim Walsh as he works his legs, knees and core. Adding water jet resistance makes the workout a little more difficult. Outpatient Walsh has a history of back problems. In the pool he can walk about 15 minutes. On land it might only be two to three minutes.


Just across from the two small treadmill pools is a bigger pool with platform and chair lifts and a built in ledge with hydrotherapy jets. That's where Sonia Milrod is. She recently had a hip replacement. "This pool is really comfortable for me. It's warm. I feel really supported.....I'm so much more buoyant and there is less stress."