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Appliances your neighbors will envy

Last month's Consumer Electronic Show reminded us just how advanced household appliances can be. Refrigerators and washing machines talk to you via text message. The LG Home Chat Fridge lets you know what it still has and what you need. A smart washing machine can start remotely and let you know when your laundry is done.'s Keith Barry previewed some of the things people would seeat the CES.

Turns out Cincinnatians are already incorporating high-tech gadgets in their kitchens. Oakley's The Appliance Loftsells asmart oven made by Dacor. It comes complete with an android tablet and built in speakers.

Sales Associate Adam Dahl says, "You can tell the oven to turn on or off. You can start it while you are on the way home. You can be watching TV or be somewhere else in your home and if the oven cycle is over it will tell you."

Dahl says you can access the Internet on the stove while cooking, watch cooking videos and listen to music with the oven's speakers. The Appliance Loft sold one of these to a couple who was remodeling their kitchen.

Some might find a temperature probe useful. It comes with theBosch Benchmark Oventaking the guess work out of whatever dish you want a cook.

A table-top wine stationmay come in handy. It's a dispenser so you can dispense any number of ounces or a portion of an ounce for tasting or for just having a glass at a time. Dahl explains the machine replaces the air inside the bottle with argonne gas to keep the bottle fresh for 60 days.

If you can afford to have a personal wine dispenser, why not an Urban Cultivator. The under-counter glass door unit has two tiers for growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.