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A look inside the new Anna Louise Inn

Cincinnati Union Bethel is on the verge of opening a new Anna Louise Inn in Mt. Auburn.

The opening comes two years after agreeing to sell its downtown locationhousing low-income women to Western & Southern Financial Group for $4 million.

The new 63,000 square foot building, on Reading Road across from the United Way, has 85 fully-furnished efficiency apartments and dormitory-style living for 24 others in the "Off The Streets" program.

The Anna Louise Inn at Lytle Park had only dormitory rooms. According to Executive Vice President Mary Carol Melton, "The most important thing about this new building is that by going to these efficiency apartments it totally increases the quality of life and the self-sufficiency for low-income women and that is who the building is designed for."

CEO Steve MacConnell looks back on the years of litigation and is pleased on how everything turned out.

"As in most things that start out a little bumpy, this has worked out just great and we are very excited about the appearance of the building and the work the architects and builders have done," he says.

"We couldn't be more delighted. When I see these rooms, compared to what we had in Lytle Park, the quality of life has just expanded so much."

Up until this point the women who will live here have only seen pictures of the place. Soon they'll get a tour. Move in is scheduled for the week of June 15.

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Serviceswill have an office in the Anna Louise Inn to help the women maintain their independence through health care and employment needs.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.