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Budget Hearings Complete; Now Council Will Make Changes

Jay Hanselman

The fate of Cincinnati's next two-year budget is now in the hands of city council members.  The last public hearing on the spending plan was last night in Price Hill with 20 more speakers offering testimony.  

Once again one of the major discussion points was a city loan to support the Clifton Market, which would replace the closed Keller's IGA in the neighborhood.  

Clifton resident Peter Seidel said it is an asset.

"Having these neighborhoods with things in them like this is something that gives the city a good image," Seidel said.  "And the city has been losing population, I think it's starting to reverse, but it's these things that people see that make them like the city."

City administrators had declined a loan because they said the venture was too risky.  Some council members seem to disagree.  

A number of speakers asked city council to increase funding for human services agencies.  Council had wanted that line item set at $3 million.  But the city manager kept it at the current $1.5 million.

"Our agencies work so hard to be accountable for the dollars that you give us," said Theresa Singleton with the YWCA.  "And we work so hard, all of us, to work together to share resources to help people who truly need help."

Council members will be submitting motions to make budget changes Monday.  

The full Council is scheduled to vote on a final spending plan June 17th.