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How Tech Saavy Is Your Pet?

Many of veterinarian Dr. Bob Biederman's clientele are millennials and Gen Xers who live downtown. Often  they are the first to buy new pet technology.

The talk-show host and owner of the Plum Street Pet Clinic says one client has Voyce, a health monitor (worn around the neck) and wellness management system for pets. According to Voyce's Director of Product Management, Emily Hartman, the system checks "everything from resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate...it monitors activity, and intensity to determine calories burned." There is even rest analysis to  learn if the pet is getting restful sleep.

Want to see what your pet sees. Get a GoPro camera and strap it on him or her.


iFetch and CleverPet will make sure your dog isn't bored while home alone. iFetch launches tennis balls from a machine and CleverPet, developed by psychologists, challenges your cat or dog to work for treats by pushing buttons.

Dr. Bob says this will only work if you have the right kind of dog. One technology that impresses him is an implantable GPS capsule, but he says the battery technology doesn't last as long as it should yet. There are GPS collars.