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Kasich Cuts School Funding Dollars, Allows Severed Ties With PARCC

Andy Chow/Ohio Public Radio

Gov. John Kasich signed a $71.2 billion two-year state budget Tuesday night which was substantially different than the one he proposed earlier this year; and he responded with a record 44 vetoes, twice as many as in the last budget.

The House and Senate essentially rejected Gov. John Kasich’s new school funding formula and pumped about $900 million more back to schools. In return the governor vetoed a $78 million, House-added provision, meaning some districts could lose money in the second year of the budget.

On the bill in general, Kasich says the income and small business tax cuts, along with other reforms, improve Ohio’s national image.

“We are step by step - and each step seems to be a little bit bigger - restoring strength to Ohio, making Ohioans proud that they live here,” said Kasich at signing ceremony, surrounded by cabinet members and legislation leaders.

The new budget also prohibits Ohio from using the controversial standardized tests known as PARCC. The state must now immediately find a new assessment that matches Common Core standards.