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Prosecutor Has Shooting Investigation Report, UC Offering Transparency

Ann Thompson
(from left) Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and UC President Santa Ono at a news conference about the death of motorist Samuel Dubose by a UC police officer.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters now has the police report in the fatal shooting of a motorist by a UC officer. It's the video of the incident that is causing some controversy and the prosecutor says he's not going to release it.

Here's the statement from Deters' office:

The body cam video in the July 19th UC officer involved shooting will not be released pursuant to:

  1.  Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and ORC Section 149.43 (A) (1) (v) as release could jeopardize a possible future fair trial; and
  2. ORC Section 149.43 (A) (1) (h) Confidential law enforcement investigatory records.  See specifically ORC Section 149.43 (A) (2) (c), Specific confidential investigatory techniques or procedures or specific investigatory work product, and State of Ohio ex rel. Mark W. Miller vs. Ohio State Highway Patrol, 2014-Ohio-2244.

A lot is unknown about the death of Samuel Dubose. He was stopped July 19 by Officer Ray Tensing for a license plate violation. There was an altercation and then Dubose was shot and killed.
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, at a Wednesday news conference, said, "A pull-over related to a license plate should not, in a normal course of events, lead to lethal force."

Cranley emphasizes he doesn't know the facts yet in the Debose case.

University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono was leading calls for reform this week by suggesting UC join the city's collaborative policing agreement. The agreement to improve police-community relations grew out of rioting in 2001. Ono also formed a citizen advisory committee to recommend changes. Ono named some of the people who have been asked to serve on the committee.

  • State Senator Cecil Thomas
  • UC's Robin Engel
  • Pastor Pete Mingo

Neither Cranley nor Ono have seen the body camera video of the incident.
According to Ono, "Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, the university is committed to a safe community for all."


Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.