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Committee Postpones Vote On Paid Parental Leave

After much debate a Cincinnati council committee decided not to vote on two paid parental leave proposals. Budget and Finance Committee vice chair Amy Murray recommended holding the items until questions about the competing proposals from the Mayor, and council members Yvette Simpson and Chris Seelbach are answered.

"I think everyone likes the idea and I think the Mayor and everyone liked both plans until we saw all the financials on it," says Murray.

A financial report from the city administration was released just before Monday's meeting, creating more questions than answers.

"I want time to digest (this information) and to look at it," says Murray.

One of the biggest questions is how much each policy would end up costing. City Administration on Monday issued a memo saying the proposals would cost more than initially expected.

Vice Mayor David Mann was also unhappy with the report's timing, and with the release of a supplemental document related to the Seelbach/Simpson plan.

"I would like a little time to take a look at the financial report that came in just before the meeting," he says.

Council members opted to hold the two items and requested more information about the administration's calculations and the structural differences between the two plans. They've requested that report be delivered well before their next meeting in two weeks.

Tana Weingartner earned a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Cincinnati and a master's degree in mass communication from Miami University. Prior to joining Cincinnati Public Radio, she served as news and public affairs producer with WMUB-FM. Ms. Weingartner has earned numerous awards for her reporting, including several Best Reporter awards from the Associated Press and the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, and a regional Murrow Award. She enjoys snow skiing, soccer and dogs.