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Wyoming Firefighter Shines New Light On Safety

Zachary Green, CEO of MN8 FoxFire, and a Wyoming volunteer firefighter, has found new uses for "glow-in-the-dark" technology and is marketing them nationally and internationally.

He uses photoluminescence technology to light up firefighter helmets, safety signs and floor markings that show a safe way out of a workspace when the electricity goes out.

Crystals are a big part of photoluminescence. When they get excited through light they re-release light, " according to Green. He says the signs and firefighter bands are recharged throughout the day with natural light and "We're seeing afterglow of up to 80 hours on some of our materials from just a couple seconds of light."

There are three types of luminescence:

  • Chemical (the "glow in the dark" necklaces)
  • Photo
  • Bio (fireflies and fish)

Green says more than 60,000 firefighters in 25 countries are using his products.
Wyoming Fire Chief Steve Owens is singing the praises of the photoluminescence bands. "It not only helps us see tools and see each other, it can actually illuminate a small area where we can look under beds, look in closets and have a little illumination while we do that."

The technology is even lighting up steps at sports stadiums. The latest one is The Bank of Kentucky Center.

This story originally aired March 9, 2015.