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Cincinnati Moving Forward With Fleet Upgrades

Bill Rinehart

Cincinnati will soon begin replacing the old vehicles in its fleet, including police cars, fire trucks and dump trucks.  

Chris Oser is in charge of procurement for the city's Public Services Department.

“The fleet utilization and optimization committee really felt that those funds should attack the vehicles that have the most direct impact on service delivery to the citizens,” Oser said.  “Meaning police cars, fire apparatus and public services vehicles such as dump trucks, garbage packers and things of that nature.”

More than half of the city's current vehicle fleet is out of lifecycle.  

Assistant Fleet Manager Dave Cavanaugh said one of the goals is improved efficiency.

“When we replace more of these vehicles that are out of lifecycle, we expect to see an increase in uptime of the vehicles, or reduced downtime,” Cavanaugh said.  “The older vehicles require more maintenance, more repair.  So we’re expecting as we get a couple years into this plan, we’ll have more of the fleet replaced on cycle.”

City council approved funding to upgrade the city's fleet in the budget which passed in June.  It's part of the city manager's capital acceleration plan to pave more roads and improve city vehicles.