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Miami 'Tuition Promise' Would Lock-In Rates For Four Years

Jeff Sabo
Miami University

Miami University's trustees have approved a new tuition structure. The board today gave the go ahead for the Miami Tuition Promise.

The plan freezes tuition, room and board, special purpose fees and course fees for incoming first-year students for four years.

If approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the tuition promise will take effect in the fall. Ohio University already has a similar plan.

Miami President David Hodge says it will help remove some financial uncertainty for students and their families. “Stability in costs also ensures that scholarships and financial aid will retain their value over a student’s four-year college period.”

Trustees set tuition and fees for first-time Ohio students on the Oxford campus at $14,736, up 2.74 percent. Traditional room and board plans will increase 4.9 percent to $12,060.

For returning, in-state students, tuition will remain the same next year but room and board is going up 2.6 percent.

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