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Newport Aquarium Adding Seahorse Exhibit

Newport Aquarium
A seahorse blending into its surroundings.

The Newport Aquarium is calling it's new exhibit the "most interactive seahorse exhibit in the country." Seahorses: Unbridled Fun opens in April and features 10 species of seahorses, sea dragons, trumpetfish, shrimpfish and pipefish.

In a release, Director of Husbandry Chris Pierson says, "Seahorses are very difficult to experience in nature due to their ability to blend, chameleon-like, into their surroundings. The way this exhibit’s viewing tanks are designed, guests will really be able to get up-close to them and see their unique physical features, like most people have never seen them."

The exhibit will feature rare video of seahorses and their most unusual behaviors; interactive seahorse sculptures highlighting unique physical characteristics; the ability to create your own customized sea horse or sea dragon using custom technology; and much more.