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Commission Considers Replacement Process For Administrator

Bill Rinehart

Hamilton County Administrator Christian Sigman turned in his resignation last week. Now county leaders are talking about how to find his replacement. 

The resignation is effective in September. Commission President Chris Monzel says that gives the board options like appointing an interim administrator.

“We kick off the budget process in June and leaving in the middle of it may be a little disruptive,” Monzel says.

Monzel says he envisions a nationwide search, but without using a recruiter or search firm.

“It’s going to be opened up to anyone,” he says.

Sigman hasn't publicly said why he's leaving, but Commission President Chris Monzel says he's not surprised.

“I think it makes sense from a standpoint for his career. You can’t go much higher here in Hamilton County, so in order to develop more fully in an administration role, he’s going to have to look other places to find those opportunities because he’s reached the highest he can go in Hamilton County.

“It kind of makes sense to me.”

Last year, Sigman applied for a city manager position in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but was not selected.

Sigman Resignation