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$12 Billion Economic Impact Through Industrial Redevelopment

Ann Thompson
The proposed redevelopment focused on four key areas in Hamilton County.

Redevelopment of underutilized Hamilton County industrial sites could result in an economic impact of $12 billion. The UC Economics Center prepared the report commissioned by the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority  and TechSolve.

The reports suggests redeveloping 2,000 acres of land county-wide could create 32,000 jobs and $2.3 billion in annual payroll.

The report says:

"The redevelopment of Hamilton County, particularly the four focus areas, is expected to improve the economic vitality of the region, as well as increase job competitiveness, enhance the tax base and provide opportunities within Hamilton County."

The report's four focus areas fall along major highways in what were the main manufacturing segments of the county during the post-war manufacturing boom, which peaked in 1969. Those same areas fell into decline in the late 1970s and early 1980s, according to the report.

TechSolve and the Port Authority have been involved in a number of redevelopment projects over the years including this one on Seymour, west of Reading Road.