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Miami Professor Wins Genius Grant

Myaamia Center archives
Daryl Baldwin, right, created the Myaamia Center to advance the language, history and culture of the Myaamia Nation.

Miami University professor Daryl Baldwin is a 2016 MacArthur Fellow, more commonly known as a 'genius grant' recipient. Baldwin is Director of Miami's Myaamia Center and a leader in Native American language and cultural revitalization.Baldwin will use the grant for his work with the Myaamia Center, although he's uncertain in what way. "This is a 20-year effort involving the tribe and university and several full-time staff. I have some consulting to do to generate options before I make a determination," Baldwin says.

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The 'genius grants' come with a $625,000 stipend over five years for recipients to use as they like.

The Center's goal is advancing the Myaamia Nation, from which Miami University takes its name, with a focus on language, culture, and history.

In a statement, Baldwin says, "It's a work of passion. It's also a work of identity for me and for other tribal members. This is about discovery of self. This is a wonderful recognition of what the community has been able to do and it’s a direct outcome of the collaboration of the Miami Tribe and Miami University."

Baldwin is one of 23 people named as 2016 MacArthur Fellows.

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