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Bill Clinton To Cincinnati Supporters: Do You Want Anger Or Answers?

Tana Weingartner
Bill Clinton rallies support for Hillary Clinton Oct. 14, 2016 in Cincinnati's Washington Park.

Hillary Clinton supporters gathered to hear from former President Bill Clinton at a Friday afternoon rally in Cincinnati's Washington Park. He told the crowd Clinton will encourage cooperation not conflict."Everything she has accomplished as First Lady, as a senator from New York, as the Secretary of State, every single solitary thing, she was able to get Republicans to join Democrats in supporting her and that's what you need a president to do."

He also said Clinton has a good relationship with foreign powers who know they can trust her work for a peaceful, inclusive future.

He added that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a real plan to improve infrastructure, make college more affordable, and create jobs.

"You've got a choice," he told the crowd, "Anger or Answers. You've got a choice, resentment or empowerment. You've got a choice."

He went on to encourage people not just to vote for Hillary Clinton, but other democrats on the ballot in Ohio and Hamilton County.

Afterward, one woman from Clifton on her way to purchase a Clinton hat said she would vote for Hillary Clinton because she's smart and she trusts her.

However, one undecided voter from Downtown said he only came to hear a former president speak, not because he supports Hillary Clinton. He said he'll either vote for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, or simply stay home on election day.