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Dayton's Cyberhealth Gets A Shot In The Arm


Cybersecurity is such a high priority for the U.S. government that President-elect Trump is asking intelligence officials to do a major report on hacking in 90 days.

A recent report identified the top cybersecurity threats for 2017. They include:

  • Criminals harnessing IoT (Internet of Things) devices to attack infrastructures
  • National state cyber espionage
  • Data sabotage

One of the most vulnerable areas is healthcare. Premier Health has just given the University of Dayton money to establish the "Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence." UD will initially focus on healthcare as it identifies and tests new cybersecurity practices. Chief Information Officer Tom Skill says he is looking for partners representing other industries.

The Center also intends to share information technology infrastructure designs, develop methods for monitoring and documenting threats and communicating them to executives.

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