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Upcoming Cincinnati Budget Does Not Look Good

City of Cincinnati

So far Cincinnati is not hitting the revenue projections needed to meet this year's city budget.  

Those revenues were about $2 million less than what was forecast through the end of December. Plus, income tax collections are $4.3 million below what was forecast for the fiscal year.

Council Member Kevin Flynn is proposing a motion to take some steps now before the fiscal year ends on June 30th.

"If we're coming up short in fiscal year '17, that means we're going to be even shorter in '18," Flynn said. "If we take steps now, to stem the bleeding, it will make next year's budget process a little bit less painful for all of the citizens of Cincinnati."

City Budget Director Chris Bigham said the city manager is taking some of those steps.

"We have implemented a freeze on new positions," Bigham said. "We are also starting to review all non-personnel spending to make sure that it is necessary."

The city manager will release his proposed budget plan sometime in May.  City council must approve a spending plan by June 30.