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Purple People Bridge To Get A Makeover

Michael Keating
An estimated 600,000 people walk across the Purple People Bridge every year.

The Newport Southbank Bridge Company is looking to make a splash with a new and improved Purple People Bridge. Plans include repainting it, adding LED lighting, a "love lock" area, and reinforced flooring for the railroad side of the bridge.

But don't worry, when the bridge gets repainted the color won't change.

The governing body for the Purple People Bridge wouldn't think of painting it any other color. According to Chairman Jack Moreland, "I think the word 'Purple People Bridge' is part of the culture, part of the fabric of the community, so I don't think we are about to change that."

Moreland says the group needs to raise $1 million to paint the bridge. It is currently signing food vendors and entertainment for the bridge, which carries 600,000 people across every year.

He says, "The bridge is a great asset to both sides of the river. And the measurements that we've been taking with regards to the counters show just as many people walking toward the north as they do walking south."

Recent counts show even in the winter (January-March) 90,000 people walked across.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.