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Leaping Lemurs! Zoo Celebrates Trio Of Lemur Pups

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo has three new ring-tailed lemurs. A single pup was born July 28, followed by twins the next day.

"These are the first ring-tailed lemur births at the Cincinnati Zoo in almost 30 years," says a spokeswoman in a release.

Credit Provided / Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The zoo says the pups and both mothers, Izze and Willow, are doing well.

"Ring-tails are the flagship species for lemur, prosimian and Madagascar conservation awareness and these three little ones are the newest flagbearers," says Ron Evans, Curator of Primates and Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group Steering Committee member. 

The zoo says you should be able to see the pups, their mother, and first-time dad Ivan, if you're patient.

According to zoo officials:

Once a threatened species, ring-tailed lemurs are now classified as endangered and numbers are declining. Although widely distributed throughout the forests of southern and southwestern Madagascar, the charismatic creatures exist in only a few protected areas. They are the most easily recognizable lemur and the species most commonly encountered in Zoos.
Credit Provided / Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Evans says it's important to preserve the species and raise awareness about the need to protect them from humans.

"Lemurs are also irresponsibly reproduced by private owners and sold as pets with little concern about genetics, inbreeding or their complex social needs. Many times, they are housed in isolation from others of their kind and receive very poor care.  any are turned loose and dumped off at sanctuaries that struggle keep up."