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Cincinnati Public School's Adding Tool For Reporting Bullying

Cincinnati Public Schools
This button will soon be added to the CPS website. Clicking the blue box will allow people to report incidences of bullying.

The new superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools says an online tool for reporting bullying should be ready to go by Labor Day.Laura Mitchell says the district is adding a button to its website that will allow "parents as well as family members and students, from the comfort of their home, [to] report incidents, and more importantly to be able to get feedback and some support."

Once a report is filed, Mitchell says "we'll be able to divert and allocate resources to get out to those schools to support the principals and those parents and students.

"We're taking a very serious stance," Mitchell says.

Earlier this week, the parents of an 8-year-old boy filed a civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit against the district. Gabriel Taye's family says he hanged himself two days after a bullying incident in a school bathroom, which the school failed to report to them.

New Programs

Mitchell announced the 'bullying button' Thursday morning during a district-wide gathering of school administrators.

The bulk of the meeting was spent talking about the district's expanding Vision 2020 plan. Nine neighborhood schools are rolling out focus areas such as technology, the environment and math and science.

The district is also adding expanded preschool.

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