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Cincinnati Children's "Takes" Kids To Camp

Ann Thompson
One of Children's "campers" shoots an arrow into a contained space.

Patients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center had something to look forward to Tuesday. They were able to "go" to Camp Flying Pig complete with virtual fires, teepees, cornhole, crafts, and even archery.

Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU
Andrew Green was so excited he tried everything in the room.

Six year old Andrew Green's eyes got huge as soon as he saw the transformed auditorium and could only point when asked what he wanted to do first.

Green, still connected to a medical monitor, did archery by shooting plastic arrows into a contained space. He also cast a pretty mean fishing line. Seventeen year old Allison Borgman is more of a crafts and cornhole person. She thinks the camp was a great idea. "Well, I saw it on my lunch tray and I was like this will be fun since this is the first day I've actually gotten off my monitor."

Other kids got in a boat and had their picture taken. There was even camp karaoke.

Children's employees spent days planning the event. According to Child Life Specialist Emily Smith, "We wanted to give them an experience they never imagined they would have, sort of bringing all the elements to summer camp."

Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU
Seven year old Zeke Blanchard casts a fishing line at the camp.

The camp wouldn't have been complete without Chevy the hospital's therapy dog. For patients, he was part of the entertainment.