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Former UC Police Chief 'Engaged In Inappropriate Conduct'

Tana Weingartner
Former UC Police Chief Tony Carter

Former University of Cincinnati Police Chief Anthony Carter allegedly inserted himself inappropriately in a UC employee love triangle. That's according to a report from outside investigation company, Exiger.Carter resigned on Thanksgiving. Earlier this week, UC announced he's joining the university's School of Criminal Justice.

According to the Exiger report, "the allegations revolve around the actions of Carter regarding a specific case, which began with an alleged threat made by one faculty member, Husband, against another faculty member, Boyfriend" after he discovered his wife was having an affair.

The report says Carter exchanged 171 text messages with the woman and 11 phone calls totaling more than three hours.

Here's the summary of the report's findings:



In a letter from his attorney to the university, Carter "categorically denies the alleged violations."

Carter says he followed instructions from Public Safety Director Jim Whalen about how to conduct his investigation.

"At no time did any of the faculty members express a feeling of legitimate threat of safety or security for any involved, but actually expressed the contrary," writes attorney Brian Redden. "Only on one occasion during these text interchanges did anyone mention the concept of a 'date' or romantic relationship and that was a statement made by the wife. In response to that comment, Chief Carter immediately corrected that comment and informed her that he had no such intent or interest."

UC terminated Carter's contract on Nov. 22. He issued his resignation Nov. 27, effective to Nov. 23, which UC then accepted, according to his personnel file.

Carter, a retired Cincinnati officer took the head job at UC in June 2016, following Jason Goodrich's resignation in the wake of Sam DuBose's shooting by then-UC Officer Ray Tensing.

Carter is one of six finalists for the top police position in Fairfield. The city says in an email to WVXU, "We are aware of the situation with Mr. Carter and that situation will be considered in the review of his candidacy if he becomes a finalist."

WVXU is also seeking comment from UC.

Lt. Col. Maris Herold is the interim UCPD chief.

Read the full report:

Exiger Investigation Report by WVXU News on Scribd

Here's the response to UC from Carter's attorney:

Carter's Response to Exiger Report by WVXU News on Scribd