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Plans Approved To Replace Long-Closed Hamilton County Road


A Hamilton County road that's been closed for more than a year should have construction begin in a few months. Flood waters from a nearby creek washed out Van Blaricum Road between Cleves Warsaw and South Road, after an Easter Sunday storm in 2017.

County Engineer Ted Hubbard says it's been a very complex project. "We've applied for a permit through the Army Corps of Engineers. The stream is controlled by the Corps. We are hopeful we will have that permit by the end of June. We're looking for construction to begin late August or early September."

Hubbard says the completion date will depend on the contractor.

"After we take bids, then the contractor will give us a schedule. That's standard format," he says. "I'd love to see it done before the end of the year, but without that construction schedule I can't say with any certainty. Obviously we're trying to advance this thing as fast as possible."

He says the cost has climbed by $400,000 to $1.6 million, not including contingency funds.

Hubbard told Hamilton County commissioners the project involves a new bridge and retaining walls. The approved plans require right-of-way acquisition, which Hubbard says is underway. He says that complicates the project. He's hopeful the county doesn't have to invoke eminent domain to get the land for the right-of-way.

Hubbard says he knows people in western Hamilton County are concerned because there have been no easy fixes or detours.

Bill Rinehart started his radio career as a disc jockey in 1990. In 1994, he made the jump into journalism and has been reporting and delivering news on the radio ever since.