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Expert Tips To Enjoy The Ohio River Safely This Summer

ohio river safety
Pete Rightmire
If a water skier falls 1,000 feet in front of a moving towboat, the skier has less than one minute to get out of the way.

Each year thousands of recreational boaters enjoy our stretch of the Ohio River. But boaters out on the water for fun have to share the river with commercial traffic, typically towboats that, with their barges, can reach up to 1,200-feet long – more than the length of an aircraft carrier.

The number of bridges and bends in the river between Coney Island and Anderson Ferry make that section of the Ohio extremely challenging for tow pilots to navigate, so everyone on the water should be alert for potential dangers.

May 19-25 is National Safe Boating Week, and joining "Cincinnati Edition" this afternoon to discuss how to safely enjoy the river are United States Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Cador and Chief Petty Officer William Harris; and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Division Commander for Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, Matthew Meyer.

Tune in to "Cincinnati Edition" May 22 starting at 1 p.m. to hear this segment.