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On Second Anniversary, Cincinnati's Streetcar Saga Continues

Jay Hanselman
The Cincinnati Bell Connector marks two years of operation.

The Cincinnati Bell Connector marked its second year of operation last weekend. It took more than 15 years of discussion, planning, construction and political battles before the first streetcar traveled the 3.6-mile loop through downtown and Over-The-Rhine.

Two years later, opponents of the streetcar are still calling for it to be scrapped. And even some early advocates of the project are disappointed in the streetcar's performance so far and are calling for changes in how the system is managed and operated.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the streetcar's future are Downtown businessman John Schneider (@prostreetcar), one of the first and most ardent supporters of developing a streetcar system in Cincinnati; and attorney and former Cincinnati Council Member Kevin Flynn (@kevinflynncincy), who was originally opposed to the streetcar but voted for the project to move forward after construction was paused in 2013.

Read editorials on the streetcar's performance by Kevin Flynn and John Schneider.

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