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Dayton's Road To Recovery

dayton the path forward
A view of the Water Street District in the Webster Station neighborhood showing construction of new housing near downtown Dayton.

Like many smaller post-industrial cities, Dayton, Ohio, was hit hard by the Great Recession and continues efforts to transform its business and employee base to meet the needs of our new tech economy. The city also suffers a high poverty rate and has been battling the ongoing opioid crisis.

Dayton was the subject of a Frontline/ProPublica report that aired last week, called Left Behind America, that explored the challenges the city and its residents face.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to look at some of those challenges and how Dayton's political, business and social leaders have been working to address them is Dayton Daily News Investigative and Community Impact Director Samantha Sommer (@DDNInvestigates).

The Dayton Daily News has been publishing a series, entitled The Path Forward, which explores the critical social, economic and health issues the city faces.

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