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Cincinnati Looking For Ways To Reduce 'Bad Behavior' At Piatt Park

piatt park
Wikimedia Commons
Downtown's Piatt Park is the oldest in Cincinnati.

Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated (DCI) and the city's Parks Department are working together to bring new activities and programming to Piatt Park in Downtown.  
Cincinnati Police Captain Mike Neville said there are concerns about what he calls "bad behavior" in the park.

"It's not so much about violence or uncontrollable crime by any means; it's the people who think it's a good place to have a beer when it's not," Neville said. "Periodically, where people think smoking a joint - weed - is a good place to be, and it's not. And at the end of the day, it's how people behave and act in a park that's really in sight of some residential and some business. But at the end of day, it's still a park."

DCI is working with a number of partners on possible activities.  

"We believe that if we can put together a committee and can work on some programming in Piatt Park, that will really help with some of these issues," said Mindy Rosen, DCI's interim president.

Piatt Park is the oldest park in the city. It's two blocks long between Elm Street and Vine Street on Garfield Place/8th Street.

City council's Law and Public Safety Committee wants an update on the work in January.