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What's Next For The Purple People Bridge?

purple people bridge
Wikimedia Commons
The historic L&O Bridge, now officially known as the Newport Southbank Bridge, and more colloquially as the Purple People Bridge, awaits a fresh coat of paint.

The Newport Southbank Bridge is better known locally as the Purple People Bridge. The landmark span that connects Newport to Cincinnati earned the colorful moniker after a new paint job in 2001, shortly after the City of Newport and Southbank Partners used $4 million in state funds to refurbish and repair it.

The bridge is now the sole pedestrian-only span between Kentucky and Ohio. But, it’s in need. Its namesake purple is fading, and there are other issues, too. Its private owners, the Newport Southbank Bridge Co., hope to find $1 million just to repaint it. The owners are also turning to the public for help in restoring the whimsy to the region's most unique bridge. 

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the bridge's situation, as well as other Northern Kentucky riverfront issues, is Southbank Partners President Jack Moreland.

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