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Ohio Board Of Education Assembles Group To Examine School Dropouts

Monday is the first meeting of the Dropout Prevention and Recovery workgroup, a special task force formed by the Ohio Board of Education. 

Board member John Hagan says the group wants to make sure kids who leave the education system can rejoin and make it to graduation.

"There were a lot of concerns from the community about the way the rules were being applied and the basis for the rules applied to them," Hagan says.Hagan says he and other group participants plan to make recommendations to the Board of Education, and maybe even to state legislators. 

"The parts though that we’re looking at specifically is whether or not the regulations that are in place fit with the law, fit with what works out best for these children, and whether or not the interpretation of the law by the department is valid," he says. 

Hagan hopes that the group can meet weekly for a few months.

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