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After Heavy Rains, Harrison Condo Owners Gather Belongings And Get Out

Heritage Square condos
Ann Thompson
Legacy condos near Heritage Square are dangerously close to sliding down the hill.

Residents of Harrison Township's now-condemned Legacy condos had until noon Monday to remove their belongings. This after heavy rains this weekend further eroded a large chasm that owners say Fischer Homes tried to remedy with rocks some weeks and months ago.

Owners Tom Renken and his wife are staying with his sister. They returned to Legacy to retrieve their stuff before the electricity was turned off.

Renken holds Fischer Homes responsible. "We knew it was going to go next heavy rain because they did just a temporary fix on it until they decided who was going to pay for it," he says.

Renken says the condos are sitting on a gravel pit and he has been concerned about the situation ever since he moved in a year ago.

Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU
Tom Renken stands on his patio in front of a footer he says is way too short.

He looked out the window Monday morning as a Fisher engineer studied the situation. That engineer - who didn't want to be named - told WVXU, "We're gathering information and evaluating."

Here is the official statement from Fisher Homes:

"We have and continue to offer our expertise and service to aid the Condominium Association in their analysis of the situation and long-term solution. We remain concerned for those homeowners who were evacuated as a result of the heavy storms and subsequent erosion. Fischer Homes has built more than 24,000 homes over the past 39 years with our customers' best interests always at the forefront. We remain in contact with the Condominium Association to help guide them through the ultimate resolution."

Renken's patio is about seven or eight feet from the big hole. His neighbors are in danger of losing their entire condo. Again, Renken alleges shoddy engineering and says the footer is many inches shorter than what it should be. "They've got to find some way to secure this because if any more of this goes, it's all going."

Credit WCPO
Residents say they have been worried something like this would happen after a heavy rain.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.