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Dozens Of Smaller Projects Make Up Eastern Corridor Plan

Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation's effort to improve traffic flow through the Eastern Corridor has identified 68 projects between Red Bank and the Beechmont Levy to I-275. Mandi Dillon with ODOT says a plan released Wednesday is just the next step.

"Rather than one big major project, what people will see are a lot of smaller projects that hopefully will have a large impact on travel and commuting in and out of Downtown and along that area," she says. "We have done some other things in those areas in the past. We had the Kennedy Connector in the Madisonville-Oakley area."

Dillon says the smaller projects include new traffic signals and turn lanes, and connections for cyclists and pedestrians, among other improvements. She says ODOT will be working on some of the projects, while others will be handled by other agencies.

Dillon says it's the result of public input and engineering studies.

"We've been working very closely with communities in this region to thoroughly assess transportation needs in the area and the kinds of improvements that need to be made," said Tom Arnold, ODOT District 8 planning engineer. "Our recommended plan is built upon their feedback, blended with the results of technical studies and the transportation needs of the region."

About 15 projects fall under ODOT's jurisdiction. Funding has already been committed to several projects while others may be incorporated into other plans.

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