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Sculptures, Performers For 2019 Blink Revealed

blink 2017
Bill Rinehart
People play on illuminated seesaws at the Banks during the inaugural Blink, in 2017.

Blink will have more than 40 light-based interactive installations and over 80 entertainers during the four-night multi-media cultural event. There were twice as many submissions for interactive installations for this year's Blink than there were in 2017.

The artistic director of ArtsWave says that gave the jury the opportunity to choose the very best. Tamara Harkavy joined other Blink partners to unveil the latest elements Thursday morning. The installations and performers join the previously announced 39 projection mappings and 16 new murals
Among the 45 light-based sculptures and installations are:

  • Lightbattle, a unique interactive bicycle installation that allows people to take a seat on a bicycle and pedal their own "dazzling waterfall of light." 
  • Connected Life is described a one-of-a-kind, immersive virtual reality view of some of the most iconic Cincinnati venues. 
  • The 27-foot high Rainbow Bridge is painted with iconic colors and emblazoned with over 25,000 individually addressable LED lights. 
  • re:Fraction is an architectural surface mapping projection that will transform all of Fountain Square into a massive object of immersive art via light, color, animation and sound.

Harkavy says the installation artists represent four countries and 11 states. Twenty-nine of the artists or artist groups are from the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, including two installation locations created by ArtWorks apprentices. 
Blink also features live entertainment, with bands, dance troupes and other live performances. "We quietly slip in a music festival amongst everything else that's going on," says Andrew Salzbrun with Blink partner AGAR. "While we're doing great pieces of public art that are visually stimulating, our city has a soundtrack for four nights. Everywhere you're going to be walking there's an audible - a spirit of joy - just going along with everything that you're going to see."

Here is what's happening when:

Thursday, Oct. 10

AARP Freedom Way Stage

8:30 p.m. Maria Carrelli

9:30 p.m. Pomegranates

River Center Stage

7 p.m. Hayden Kaye

8 p.m. Moira

9 p.m. See You In The Funnies

10 p.m. Young Heirlooms

7th Street Covington Stage

7 p.m. Brooklynn Rae

8 p.m. Abby Vice

9 p.m. Sun Seeker

10 p.m. This Pine Box

Belterra Casino Court Street Stage

7 p.m. Season Ten

8 p.m. Big Hit

9 p.m. 90's Kids

10 p.m. Rob Fetters

Elder Street Stage

7-9 p.m. Druskii

9-11 p.m. Fogger

Findlay Market Stage

7-11 p.m. Elementz

Friday, Oct. 11

AARP Freedom Way Stage

7 p.m. Greer

8 p.m. Sarob

9 p.m. Black Signal

10 p.m. TRIIIBE

River Center Stage

7 p.m. Calumet

7:45 p.m. Go Go Buffalo

8:30 p.m. Near Earth Objects

9:15 p.m. Young Colt

10 p.m. Sylmar

7th Street Covington Stage

7 p.m. Psycho

8 p.m. Quotah

9 p.m. Heaven Honey

10 p.m. Multimagic

Belterra Casino Court Street Stage

7 p.m. Jane Decker

8 p.m. The Raquels

9 p.m. Costal Club

10 p.m. Harbour

Elder Street Stage

7 p.m. Sabastooge

8-11 p.m. Max Entropy

Findlay Market Stage

7 p.m. Current Events

8 p.m. Carriers

9 p.m. Joesph

10 p.m. JSPH

Saturday, Oct. 12

AARP Freedom Way Stage

7 p.m. Ronin

8 p.m. Rosewood Coast

9 p.m. Blossom Hall

10 p.m. Dudley Taft 

River Center Stage Presented by Wellness Your Way Festival

7 p.m. Self Diploma DJ

7:45-8 p.m. Talent Winner

8:20-9 p.m. Willie Jones

9:20-9:40 p.m. Redfoo

10-11 p.m. Grouplove

7th Street Covington Stage

7 p.m. Wombo

8 p.m. Dinosoul

9 p.m. Frontier Folk Nebraska

10 p.m. Freak Mythology

Belterra Casino Court Street Stage

7 p.m. Spooky Dreamland

8 p.m. Moonbeau

9 p.m. All Seeing Eyes

10 p.m. Passeport

Elder Street Stage

7 p.m. DJ Track Bike

8-11 p.m. Orbit

Findlay Market Stage

7 p.m. Shiny Old Soul

8 p.m. Willow Tree Carolers

9 p.m. Jess Lamb

10 p.m. Lauren Eylise

Sunday, Oct. 13

AARP Freedom Way Stage

7 p.m. The Grove

8 p.m. Counterfeit Madison

9 p.m. Lukr

10 p.m. Ernie Johnson from Detroit

River Center Stage

7 p.m. Slow Glows

8 p.m. Renchler Framg

9 p.m. Beloved Youth

10 p.m. Colly

7th Street Covington Stage

7 p.m. Chris From Space

8 p.m. Aiming for Enrike

9 p.m. Bendigo Fletcher

10 p.m. Joe's Truck Stop

Belterra Casino Court Street Stage

7-11 p.m. DJ Mowgli

Elder Street Stage

7 p.m. CreepVision

8-11 p.m. Darkotica

Findlay Market Stage

7 p.m. New Moons

8 p.m. Heavy Hinges

9 p.m. Broken Chairs

10 p.m. Telehope

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