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The Name Of The Cincinnati Zoo's Baby Bearcat Is...

baby bearcat
John Minchillo

After sifting through hundreds of suggestions and putting the final two options to a vote of the people, the Cincinnati Zoo's baby bearcat now has a name.After taking suggestions, the zoo narrowed down the options to two choices: "Lucille" or "UCelia."

With more than 42,000 people participating in the vote, the winner is "Lucille."

The zoo says people preferred Lucille by about 70%.

Credit Facebook
The zoo took to social media to ask people to vote on the baby bearcat's name.

"It is very close to "Lucy," but that's a pretty great name," exclaims zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley.

The name was announced Saturday during the University of Cincinnati's homecoming festivities. Lucille becomes the fourth binturong from the Cincinnati Zoo to be UC's living mascot.

Lucille is taking over the duties from Lucy who retired in August. She came to Cincinnati in October from the Nashville Zoo. Her Cincinnati zookeepers say she's doing well and enjoys playing and pouncing.

Lucille is expected to start attending sporting events sometime this winter. A Palawan binturong, she'll likely grow to between 20 and 30 pounds, according to Zoo Director Thane Maynard.

Binturongs, or bearcats, are part of the civet family and are native to South and Southeast Asia. They are said to smell like buttered popcorn.

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