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Cincinnati Starts Collecting Discrimination Complaints Online

Bill Rinehart
Council members Tamaya Dennard (center) and Chris Seelbach (left) spoke with Brittani Gray (right) at a press conference Thursday morning.

The city of Cincinnati is trying to make it easier to report discrimination. Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard says it's part of making the city a welcoming, accepting community.

"A lot of times people have issues, they don't know where to go to. So to concretely have a place prominent on the city's website, not some obscure website, that says we value you, and if you don't feel you're valued, this is where you come," she says.

Councilman Chris Seelbach says reports will go directly to the city manager's office and to the city solicitor. "And then you will have a hearing to determine if indeed you were discriminated against, and whoever did that is fined accordingly," Seelbach says. "This goes beyond hair and natural hair. If you're discriminated against because of your race, your veteran's status, your gender identity, you now have an easy way to report that discrimination."

Earlier this year, council added natural hair to the list of protected classes, which include race, religion, and age, among others.

Dennard and Seelbach also introduced an effort to publicize the addition of natural hair to the non-discrimination policy. Seelbach says there are now posters highlighting the fact. Most are going to salons and barber shops that cater to the African American community.

Hairstylist Brittani Gray says she's proud of the addition. She says products that straighten hair can cause severe damage. "The hair is the crown of self-esteem. When that self-esteem is broken down with hair loss and hair issues, now you have broken down that person."

Credit Bill Rinehart / WVXU
A poster advertising Cincinnati's natural hair inclusion on the non-discrimination list sits in a Corryville hair salon.

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