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News Review: Failed City Investment, Streetcar Divorce, "OK, Boomer"

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During a council vote, Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard raised questions about diversity and why four out of five people on an internal city audit committee are white men. When Mayor John Cranley responded that there weren't many people who wanted the volunteer job, Councilwoman Dennard said he does not need to "whitesplain" the issue.

According to, Whitesplaining is the act of a white person explaining topics to people of color, often in an obliviously condescending manner. 

Dennard and others have been working to increase the racial and gender diversity of committee appointments.  City council agendas now include the race and gender of appointees under consideration. 

Meanwhile, city taxpayers are out $260,000 after an investment in a failed Westwood market.

In Northern Kentucky, a new hire is set to replace the founder and longtime CEO of Corporex, the developer behind much of Covington's skyline and the forthcoming Ovation project in Newport.

The divorce is final between the Cincinnati Streetcar and the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority.

An unlikely love story, twenty years in the making, brings together an 83-year old man and 73-year old woman.

And, what's your least favorite Thanksgiving dish? A new survey suggests that in Kentucky and Ohio, the answer is green bean casserole.

Also, a look at the rise of the phrase "OK, Boomer" as the generational social media battle continues.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for the Friday news review are Business Courierreporter Tom DemeropolisEnquirerreporter Sharon CoolidgeEnquirercolumnist Byron McCauley; Local 12 News reporter Alexa HelwigWine Me, Dine Meblogger and WVXU contributor Julie Niessen; and WCPO-TV reporter Pat LaFleur.

Michael Monks brings a broad range of experience to WVXU-FM as the host of Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati Public Radio's weekday news and information talk show.