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How To Stay Organized And Calm While Working From Home

messy house
Stressed out by the mess in your home? A minimalism coach offers some tips.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has many of us working from home at a level we're just not used to. We're no longer just occasionally hopping on the computer to send a work-related email or to produce a document for business. We're working our full shifts at home.

With that being the case, our workspaces might be in the living room instead of a cubicle, or in the kitchen instead of a corner office. We don't have our file cabinets or office mailboxes or even any coworkers to chat with at the water cooler.

Not to mention, our home offices are also classrooms now as our kids learn from home.

So, how are you managing your time and your space? Are you losing track of days, having trouble staying focused, and losing control of your organizational skills?

Minimalism coach Rose Lounsbury joins Cincinnati Edition to offer perspective, advice and tips on scheduling your work day, managing your additional role as home-school teacher, simplifying your physical possessions to improve your work/life balance, removing clutter, and exploring simplicity as a remedy to losing time, money and the health of your home.

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