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Missing Your Reds? See New Digitized Photos And Instructional Videos

Courtesy of Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is making the most of its time during the COVID-19 closure, putting its collection online and uploading instructional videos from current and former players.

During the Hall of Fame and Museum renovation last year, Executive Director Rick Walls thought about ways to make its online presence more colorful.

"The closing of the museum due to COVID-19 really put us on a fast track to do that more thoroughly and we're in the middle of that right now," he says. "We see this as a continuation, even when the museum does reopen, these sort of projects will not go away." 

Walls says people can "experience that feeling, that excitement, that void that is missing."

All of the content is free now. He says eventually there will be some exclusive to members. "As of right now, the photo galleries, some of the historical elements, some of the videos we've been adding, some of the instructional videos from current players and former Reds, these are available to everyone," Walls says.

Walls is also coordinating with schools for remote learning through flipgrid/freemanhalloffame

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.