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Summer Arrives Saturday - Is Your Garden Ready?

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Al Behrman

Summer officially begins on Saturday, and arrives as many of us are still mostly quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But while this unique period in history has kept us at home for longer than we typically would be, it has also given us the opportunity to prepare and plan more for our gardening and landscaping needs.

So, as the region's hot season nears, what's on your mind as it relates to those things? Is there a plant or crop giving you fits? Did something happen last year that you want to repeat or prevent this season? 

Our experts are with us for the full hour to answer your most pressing questions. Join us starting live at noon at 513-419-7100 or send your questions to talk@wvxu.org.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for our monthly gardening show are Campbell County Extension Office Extension Agent Sarah Stolz and Waterfields Director of Greenhouse Operations and University of Cincinnati Horticulture Program adjunct professor Joshua Jones.

Listen to Cincinnati Edition live at noon M-F. Audio for this segment will be uploaded after 4 p.m. ET.

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