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News Review: Brennaman's Bigoted Blunder

A hot mic landed Reds TV broadcaster Thom Brennaman in hot water after an anti-gay slur that he uttered was broadcast just ahead of a ball game he was to call for FOX Sports Ohio.

The veteran sportscaster and scion of now-retired Reds radio voice Marty Brennaman was yanked from the game in the fifth inning and during an apology that was interrupted by a homerun, even Thom himself seemed to indicate that his career could be over.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about the fallout is The Athletic's C. Trent Rosencrans.

Meanwhile, not much else is known about the brief moment in time that could end Brennaman's long run in the Reds' world. 

"As a gay man, I want to know why. As a journalist, I always want to know more," wrote WCPO reporter and news anchor Evan Millward, who wrote a column about the Brennaman slur. "We heard only a split second of the statement. I have so many questions."

Millward joins our show, too, to talk more about it.

Also in the weekly news review on Cincinnati Edition, a look at what is next in local officials' and the community's response to last weekend's violent and deadly shootings, why the City of Cincinnati is testing all 14,000 of its fire hydrants, how local post offices are seeing mail pile up, and a popular cable series is on the way to Ohio in pursuit of treasures.

Joining us for those stories are Enquirerreporters Sharon Coolidge and Scott Wartman, and WVXU reporter and host Bill Rinehart and media beat writer John Kiesewetter.

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