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Kings Island Selling Pieces Of Vortex Roller Coaster As Mementos

Courtesy of Kings Island
Small pieces of Vortex track will go on sale Saturday at Kings Island.

Kings Island bid adieu to Vortex at the end of the 2019 season. Now, the park is selling portions of the track.

The roller coaster opened in 1987, so the 11.5" track pieces are going for $198.70 a piece. They're mounted on a display stand and come with a certificate of authenticity and limited edition Vortex postcard set.

The souvenirs are available beginning this weekend at the park. There's a limit of two per person. Any that don't sell in person will be available online starting Oct. 5.

When it opened, Vortex was "the tallest, full-circuit roller coaster with the highest drop in the world, and the first roller coaster in the world with six inversions," the park reports. It cost $4 million to construct. "More than 45 million guests have ridden Vortex, the seventh-most on Kings Island's all-time rides given list."

It was dismantled just prior to the opening of the 2020 season.

Credit Courtesy of Kings Island
"At a cost of $4 million, Vortex set a world record when it opened as the tallest, full-circuit roller coaster with the highest drop in the world."

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