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Dayton Social Media Campaign Aims To 'Change Hearts And Minds'

Dayton Human Relations Council

A social media campaign in Montgomery County aims to build community pride and to lift up voices of underrepresented people. "Many People, Many Voices, One City," from the Dayton Human Relations Council, asks people to share their stories.

Executive Director Erica Fields says the campaign is through social media, and comes after a year filled with a pandemic, protests and a tumultuous political season.

Fields says they're looking for inspirational images and messages of hope. "These are scary times so we really wanted to create a platform for folks to share positive messages, especially folks in the community who are sometimes at the margins and typically don't have an opportunity to speak their truth."

Fields says it's also designed to reach those who don't often hear those voices.

"Through personal storytelling, through sharing your experiences, the hope is you begin to change hearts and minds," Fields says. "Of course, we always want to change policy because that's how we operationalize inclusion, but the first step to that is to change hearts and minds and gain a better understanding of people who don't look like you."

Fields says to participate, tag @DaytonHRC in social media posts. She says the campaign started with a series of video testimonials from people across different community sectors.

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