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'Snow Angels' Match Buried Sidewalks With Shovelers

Bill Rinehart
An unidentified person clears a sidewalk along Central Parkway Monday morning.

Updated 2-16-21

A lot of people around the area may need their sidewalks shoveled this week. Volunteers and snow removal professionals are willing and ready to help. A group calling themselves "Snow Angels" will match people up in at least three Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Co-organizer Katie Vogel says the information clearinghouse came out of discussion with friend Lauren Worley about ways to make Northside a better place to live.

"One of the things that always comes up is the shame and blame game that we play after snowfalls in Cincinnati. 'That person didn't shovel their sidewalk' and 'I'm not responsible for shoveling my sidewalk.' So we built a Google form and put it together and we've had an incredible response."

Vogel says there are similar efforts in Oakley and Madisonville. She says one planned for Over the Rhine hasn't come together.

People can volunteer to clear a sidewalk in their neighborhood, advertise their services, or request help.

"Shoveling snow for me, as a Michigander, is like pleasure," Vogel says. "But for some people it's the equivalent of staring at a sink of dirty dishes."

She says they want people to know they don't have to sign up for anything. You can get out and clear the sidewalk for a neighbor at any time.

This story was edited to include a link to the Oakley Snow Angel Google Doc and one for Madisonville.

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