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Hamilton Co. Businesses Challenged To Adopt 'Equal Pay Commitment'

commission on women and girls
Hamilton County
Members of the Commission on Women and Girls presented recommendations from the 2021 annual report to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners

Hamilton County Commissioners passed five gender equity resolutions Thursday night, including a commitment to address gender- and race-based pay inequity in county employment. The resolutions are based on recommendations in an annual report from the Commission on Women and Girls.

Commissioners agreed to the Equal Pay Commitment and are encouraging all businesses to join. Those who do agree to analyze their employment practices and work on solutions.

Research shows white women in Ohio earn 80 cents for every $1 earned by white men. The gap is larger for Black women, who earn 66 cents on the dollar.

Tina Macon serves on the Commission on Women and Girls and says they want local officials to take meaningful action.

"Continue the pay equity research, provide employers with regular updates on best practices, and explore ways to educate working women and girls on pay equity, as well as empower them with negotiation strategies," Macon said.

The annual report identifies three other priority issues for the county: access to menstrual products, student homelessness and gender-based violence.

Deeya Prakash says research shows 33% of teens in an abusive relationship do not tell anyone.

"We want girls to arm themselves not only with information, but if there are witnesses to something out of line, they know exactly what to do," Prakash said.

One resolution encourages public schools to adopt free programming aimed at reducing gender-based violence in schools.

Yasmeen Porter is on the commission's health and self-identity committee.

"We heard from students in Hamilton County schools that even when products are available from teachers or nurse's offices, there is often stigma and shame associated with having to ask for products when they are needed," Porter said.

One of the resolutions asks every school and public building in the county to provide menstrual products at no cost.

Read the full annual report below: 

2021 HCCWG Report by WVXU News on Scribd

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