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Hamilton County To Release Preliminary Plan On Spending American Rescue Plan Funds

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

Updated May 13

Hamilton County expects to have a preliminary plan next week for spending its portion of the American Rescue Plan. Administrator Jeff Aluotto and staff have been meeting with stakeholders, community groups and others to get a picture of where the dollars should go.

"The concept plan will be exactly that - it will be a high-level concept," says Aluotto. "Some of the funding categories will be filled out with a little bit more detail depending upon the degree of guidance we've received from the (Board of Commissioners) through past policy direction, etc., but some of it will be very broad."

The county is slated to get:

  • Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund - $158,784,547

  • HUD HOME funds - $5,464,36

The county also expects to get an additional rental assistance allotment of $12,129,539.10.
Commission President Stephanie Summerow Dumas says this is a chance to have a lasting effect.

"We have to take care of not only the immediate concerns but look toward the future of how can we impact the generations that are coming up, and that we can sustain what we're doing," she says.

Aluotto and his staff are in the process of reviewing the just-released federal guidance for how the funds can be used. Two public hearings on the county's proposed spending plan are expected around the end of the month. The first will be May 25 during the regular commission meeting at 1 p.m.