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A Year After George Floyd's Death, Young Local Activists Reflect

george floyd protest cincinnati
Jason Whitman
Attendees at a local protest last summer over the death of George Floyd.

The killing of George Floyd by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin sparked outrage across the country. Here in Cincinnati, a city with its own history of unrest around police killings, young activists organized protests and took to the streets — some of them for the very first time. 

A year later, do those activists feel progress has been made on racial justice issues both locally and nationally? Where is there still work to do? And how do they feel about the guilty verdict on murder charges a jury delivered for Chauvin earlier this year? 

Joining Cincinnati Edition are Ohio Organizing Collaborative Civic Engagement Director Keizayla Fambro; musician and activist Jay Hill; and ElementzCommunity Engagement Liason Camille Jones. 

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