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First Respite Care Home For People With Developmental Disabilities Opens In Hamilton County

alice's house respite home
Becca Costello
Alice's House includes two buildings with four units each, as well as a shared courtyard and shared living space.

Hamilton County's first respite care home for people with disabilities is almost ready for short-term residents. Officials celebrated the completion of Alice's House in Spring Grove Village Monday.

Eight one-bedroom units will be available as temporary housing and services when a caregiver is unavailable, either planned in advance or in emergency situations. For example, if a full-time caregiver has to travel, or unexpectedy passes away, Alice's House can provide the person needing care a safe place to stay.

Alice's House is named for Alice Pavey, former superintendent of Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.

"I'm really looking forward to everybody enjoying this house," Pavey said. "In fact, I know that there's parents waiting in line to try to get their sons and daughters in for a respite stay."

Pavey says creating an emergency shelter was a top priority when she came to Hamilton County in 2008, because she saw the benefits first-hand while working as a care manager in Dayton.

"If I got a call at three o'clock on Friday afternoon saying, 'so-and-so's Mom is going to the hospital, where is he going to go?' There was always some place I knew that I could call and the individual would be fine."

The Housing Network of Hamilton County owns the property and has been renovating it for about six months. The health care company ViaQuest will staff the two buildings 24/7.

Current DDS superintendent Leia Snyder says it's important to offer support close to where people live.

"That is sometimes a challenge, especially when there is an emergency," Snyder said. "So to be able to have this option for both planned and emergency respite will help strengthen families, and it will help us be there for people in times of need."

Most people will stay in one of the units for 90 days or less. Alice's House can accept residents as soon as final permits are approved.

alice payvey
Credit Becca Costello / WVXU
Alice's House is named for Alice Pavey, former superintendent of Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.

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