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International Health Care Innovation Summit Coming To Cincinnati This Fall

Bill Rinehart
The view from CTI's Covington offices, where the summit was announced.

Cincinnati will host health care leaders from around the world this fall. The Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit will let them share ideas and discuss ways to improve health care delivery.

Timothy Schroeder of CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services in Covington says executives from the biotech industry will be there, along with academic researchers. "It's a really unique conference from the perspective of both the material being presented, the focus on innovation and technology, but at the same time making sure all the stakeholders in the region are present," he says.

Schroeder says wearables, implants and artificial intelligence will all be highlighted. "I think those things are really unique to this group that will be participating here," he says. "I think all changes historically have been incremental. We look at this as being much more transformative - that things should be able to change 10 times or 100 times in the next five to 10 years as opposed to the smaller gains that we're used to seeing."

Schroeder says research and innovation already underway in the area are at a high level. He says the summit will help highlight the region's strengths.

Schroeder says he sees this summit as the first in a series of initiatives.

In addition to developing new or reconfiguring existing technologies, co-chair Dr. Abdul Jazieh says it's also about addressing disparities in health care.

"We all know there are great disparities in health care delivery across the country. Not just across the social or ethnic lines, but also often within the same groups because of different access to certain therapeutic options or diagnostic techniques and so on."

Rahman says the summit should ultimately deliver better health care and improve quality of life.

The summit will be at the Graduate Cincinnati Hotel, Sept. 17 and 18, 2021.

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