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Metro To Hold Public Meeting On Bench Advertising Plan

metro bus bench advertising
Cincinnati Metro
The new benches would be larger than the current ones used at Metro bus stops.

Cincinnati Metro will hold a public meeting this week to hear input on a plan to add benches with advertising at bus stops. The plan is to contract with the company Adsposure to install 400 benches at select stops over the next seven years.

Adsposure would front the funds and be responsible for installing, cleaning and maintaining the new benches.

"We're able to increase our revenue that we can go back and put more into better service, while also giving our customers enhanced amenities and no out-of-pocket costs for [Metro]," said Brandy Jones, vice president of external affairs for Cincinnati Metro.

Metro would get an extra $40,000 a year in revenue from the ads for the first six years — and about $1.4 million total over the span of the 10-year contract.

"So it certainly will bring in a considerable amount of funds that will allow us to do more things that we can put back into our service, put back in amenities, for our riders," Jones said.

The public meeting is Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Huntington Center on Vine Street.

You can also give input on the plan through a survey online at go-metro.com/bus-bench-advertising, or send an email to RouteComments@go-metro.com

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