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New Richmond School District Removes Rainbow Imagery From Middle School


A Clermont County school district has enacted a policy that opponents say will affect some students adversely. Michelle Johnson with New Richmond Pride says the New Richmond Exempted Village School District has pulled all rainbow signs and stickers out of the middle school, including those meant to distinguish which teachers are supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

"That also unfortunately included a science poster, a Maya Angelou quote, and a sign that said 'be kind,' " Johnson says. "I really don't think that that is helpful in promoting tolerance and inclusivity in our schools."

Johnson says she just wants middle school students to know they have safe spaces and safe adults to talk to.

"I do not want any of these kids stressed out any further - that would increase the chance of self-harm." Johnson says advocates have told school board members LGBTQ+ kids are at higher risk of suicide.

Referring to the NREVS district's adoption of a way students could designate what their preferred pronouns and names are, Johnson says, "We will take any win we can."

Requests for comments from the school board and the district were not immediately answered Friday.

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